Darwyn Coxson, University of Northern British Columbia

Selected Book Publications

Stevenson, S.K., H. Armleder, A. Arsenault, D. Coxson, C. DeLong, and M. Jull. 2011. Ecology, Conservation, and Management of British Columbia’s Inland Rainforest.  UBC Press. 454 pages. 

Coxson, D.S., and D.R. Radies 2008. Old-Forest Conservation Strategies in Wet-Trench Forests of the Upper Fraser River Watershed. Chapter 20 In: Ecosystem Management in the Boreal Forest. (Editors Sylvie Gauthier, Marie-Andrée Vaillancourt, Alain Leduc, Louis De Grandpré, Daniel Kneeshaw, Hubert Morin, Pierre Drapeau, Yves Bergeron). Presses de l'Université du Québec, pp. 501–518. 

Coxson, D.S., and N.M. Nadkarni. 1995. Ecological Roles of Epiphytes in Nutrient Cycles of Forest Ecosystems. Chapter 20. In Forest Canopies. Academic Press. pp 495–543. 


Selected Journal Publications

Déry, S.J., H.K. Knudsvig, M.A. Hernández-Henríquez, and D. Coxson. 2014. Net Snowpack Accumulation and Ablation Characteristics in the Inland Temperate Rainforest of the Upper Fraser River Basin, Canada. Hydrology 2014. 1:1–19. 

Boudreault, C., D.S. Coxson, Y. Bergeron, S. Stevenson, and M. Bouchard. 2013.  Do forests treated by partial cutting provide growth conditions similar to old-growth forests for epiphytic lichens? Biological Conservation 159: 458–467. 

Campbell, J., P.E. Bengtson, A.L. Fredeen, D.  Coxson, and C.E. Prescott. 2013. Does exogenous carbon extend the realized niche of canopy lichens? Evidence from sub-boreal forests in British Columbia. Ecology 94:1186–1195. 

Caputa, K., D. Coxson, and P. Sanborn. 2013. Seasonal patterns of nitrogen fixation in biological soil crusts from British Columbia's Chilcotin grasslands. Botany: 91:631–641.  

Coxson, D.S.,  C. Björk, and M.D. Bourassa. 2013. The influence of regional gradients in climate and air pollution on epiphytes in riparian forest galleries of the upper Fraser River watershed. Botany: 92: 23–45.

MacDonald, A.M., D.S. Coxson, and C. Björk. 2013. A framework for climate biomonitoring with lichens in British Columbia’s inland temperate rainforest. BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management 114:1–13. 

MacDonald, A., and D. Coxson. 2013.  A comparison of Lobaria pulmonaria population structure between subalpine fir (Abies lasiocarpa) and mountain alder (Alnus incana) host-tree species in British Columbia's inland temperate rainforest. Botany: 91:535-544. 

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Gauslaa, Y., D.S. Coxson, and K.A. Solhaug. 2012. The paradox of higher light tolerance during dessication in rare old forest cyanolichens than in more widespread co-occurring chloro- and cephalolichens.  New Phytologist.  195:812–822.    

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Doering, M., and D. Coxson. 2010. Riparian alder ecosystems as epiphytic lichen refugia in sub-boreal spruce forests of British Columbia. Botany 88:144–157. 

Coxson, D.S. 2010. World Heritage Sites in the Upper Fraser River Watershed? Legislation not Guidance Needed to Help Forest Professionals Protect These Sites. BC Forest Professional Magazine. May–June. pp. 22–24. 

Boudreault, C., Y. Bergeron, and D.S. Coxson. 2009.  Factors controlling epiphytic lichens biomass during post-fire succession in black spruce boreal forests. Can. J. For. Res. 39:2168–2179.

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